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Education is a key component of the development of a country. India has been focusing on improving the literacy rate in the country since independence and has made great efforts towards it. Even while India is making enormous progress in the economic and social development of the country, the education of underprivileged children remains a worry.

Several states across India are still lacking basic infrastructure, teachers, and books which are affecting the progress of the education system of the country. Many children NGOs are working towards this cause with the support of children education donation and other public funding. However, many youngsters are still lacking access to proper education.

Volunteering your time to support these children and making donations for poor child education is necessary for the country’s growth. Public support for organizations like NGO for children is required to boost underprivileged child education. Here we discusses 5 efficient ways to support underprivileged child education.

Tutor underprivileged students

You can support underprivileged students in your area by providing them with tuition for various subjects. You can tutor children in writing, reading, calculations, current affairs, and more. There is no better way than to donate your time to the education of impoverished children. Many children NGOs are also providing tuition for them where you can volunteer or donate money. You can also arrange a small facility in your own home where children can come and learn. With the support of friends and family, you can provide a more advanced facility like a small library or a computer system.

Sponsor a child education

Nothing feels more exciting than a smile on the faces of children. You can sponsor the education of one or more children depending on your financial position. Your small contributions could help one child pay for school, books, and other necessities. You can also support NGOs or any other organizations that are funding the education of poor children. This will help passionate children to fulfill their dreams. A well-educated youth is the wealth of the country who can lead the nation towards progress.

Donate to a children’s NGO

There is no better feeling than being a reason for the happiness of others. You can make donations to NGOs for children from the comfort of your home or office. These NGOs are involved in infrastructural development, improving facilities like libraries, forming groups of teachers, and more. Trust like Satyanand Research Institute is working for children’s education and upliftment across India. Your donations for poor child education would facilitate these trust to improve their services.

Start a training unit

If you are good at any specific vocational skills such as stitching or craft making, start a small unit where children can come and learn these skills. One of the reasons why children from backward communities stay away from education is a lack of money. They prefer to engage in work rather than attending schools as meal is the priority over education. But if you could train children with some professional skills it would be an added benefit for them to make an earning. So vocational training helps to educate children as well as provide them with better job opportunities.

Organize outdoor sports event

Education is not always about academics; it has wider aspects. Sport is an integral part of the education system, and it helps the growth of children mentally and physically. Currently, sports are providing excellent opportunities for children to grow a career. There are real-life stories of sportspersons coming from underprivileged sections making huge success. Create opportunities for children to enhance their skills and talents in sports by arranging playing fields and trainers for them. Engage the local communities in such activities that could strengthen the harmony of society.

 Ensure quality education for all

Every child must have the opportunity to gain proper education as it is essential to earn a living and lead a quality life. It enables children to realize their potential and attain financial freedom. Education is necessary to promote gender equality, reduce child labor, and eliminate social evils like child marriage and dowry.

Nelson Mandela rightly quoted, “Education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world”.

Education is the key to the development of an individual and the whole country. It plays a major role in the eradication of poverty and attaining social justice. India has made great achievements in improving literacy rates but still, a large number of underprivileged children are deprived of quality education. A collective effort of people is required to ensure proper education for each child in the country. Currently, more children are gaining access to quality education as a result of the efforts of children’s NGOs and similar organizations. Public support for these organizations could help them reach more children and ensure equal opportunity for education.

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